Monday, October 6, 2008

heavens to betsy - June 13, 1992

Preface: This is my tour diary from when I was nineteen. I will try to reproduce it intact, although there are many cringeworthy moments. June 13, 1992 Sat. "We are the lost children" - Roger Nusic We spent yesterday in San Francisco. This area is not like I remember it. It's so spread out but at the same time so connected. The first night's drive was so crazy. Dark, rainy mountains. Then straight to Oakland, Molly's aunt and then stubborn Hannah getting us lost. Tim's, the place we stayed, was a crazy townhouse with a weird guy with a Poison Idea shirt and awesome hair. Some old guy on the couch. The next day we all get burritos in the Mission district, which is totally the poor part of town. So many people asked us for money - mostly black men. There are so many people of color in this area, but the Mission district is mostly black. Fuck this society.
The girls went home to sleep and Dan and I walked through San Francisco. We met up with Candace and she showed us around. We rode the cable cars to the waterfront. Too many tourists, but I think San Francisco is beautiful. Then we went to Gilman St. last night and played with circus tent (ugh) and PMS (rad) and Strawman (yawn). I was afraid before we played that we would be really boring, but as soon as we got on stage all the energy of what we were doing came back to me. We messed up a lot the drums fell over but we totally rocked. We left 'em screamin' for more. So did the Brats. That is the best part of tour. Seeing all the girls rocking out and feeling that energy run through you. Then I can't feel anything else. So many people came up to me and told me how they liked us and good voice and so on....Spray painted love in the grrrls bathroom. The worst part of tour is driving almost dead on the way back but staying at Callie's so nice and comfy.


Joaquin said...

So cool to read these observations from another time! Grrrls room! Thanks for fleshing out the story...I hope you post a lot more.

DJ Eiffel Tower said...

Corin this is great! Since you have a diary it's more accurate than my foggy memory but I will keep trying. Lots of love.
M xx

Lucija said...

This is great, Corin, thanks! I'll never get over the fact that I was born too late for riot grrrl (and, well, on the other side of the world :D )

wlwdimlp said...

This is amazing. Why isn't there more posts from Corin?