Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enchanted Castle US tour, Oct 11, MPLS, Bozeman

transmission from bozeman MT.
after we left chicago we made our way in a short day's drive to minneapolis where we stayed with joel's friend megan in her studio basement apartment. we watched uncle buck and slept under the dinner table. the next morning we went out for a big breakfast and played a highly exclusive show under the stone arch bridge by the mississippi for megan and her man friend dylan. and some man walked down and took our picture.
we split mpls about 5pm with bozeman in our sights. and drove through the night: first terrible rain and creepy dairy queen bathroom stops, then dexadrine and a white out blizzard. we climbed the mountains in montana from 3am to 7am through the snow and played twenty questions. about 8am we got to bozeman finally. we were just in time to eat a hearty breakfast and make it to the main street for the homecoming parade. we cheered so loud we got the most candy thrown at us and I got a sweet picture with a half naked football player with a giant "T" painted on his chest. I bought joel a three piece cordoroy suit in town. we checked out some coffee shops thinking we'd play an afternoon show before we crashed, but they were all so stuffy that we decided to get a motel room instead. The blue sky motel on the edge of town had great rates and only a two hour wait for a room to be ready. we went across the street to the Jackpot casino and drank beers and played video poker. I came out 19 dollars up and we got into the room and crashed. we woke up around dinner time and watched billy madison on tv before we got pizza and went to the Crystal Bar in down town. we drank wild turkies and shot pool and played the juke box. I shot terrible but thanks to joel we still held the table. later more pillowfights in the room and drunken plans to hit the road around 6am despite the persistant snow. so icey roads we take to our last minute show in seattle.
then the 14th in OLYMPIA!

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