Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Team Tour March 89 PT 6

In the car on the way from Washington DC to Iowa City, Iowa to play a show tonight.. Mecca Normal and what’s left of Some Velvet Sidewalk stayed at Shawn Wolfe’s house. Everything feels so much different now that Jenny’s gone He has a small apartment with lots of cats. 597 Franklin Columbus, OH I think. He is a lot less geeky looking than I thought he’d look, but still geeky, with blow dried hair. He’s young looking and has a lot of records. I think I’ve gotten used to Al’s anti-consumer ways. Also there was a totally old and yuppy looking girl and a computer geek guy who maybe plays drums.

Washington DC -Calvin’s mom was not what I expected. A little more like Edith Bunker than I had imagined, but pushy. Calvin was acting like a little kid and his mom slapped him at the dinner table. We ate salad and listened to Broadway musicals. We saw the video she made for Crashing Through (Beat Happening). Things seemed really tense at the dinner table. I slept on the couch and woke up and it was Easter and we colored eggs and ate food from a New York catering company and we had a day off so we freaked out because there was nothing to do, like everything is totally pointless and arbitrary and nothing has any meaning. We went to a cemetery. Robert says “poverty and hunger aren’t arbitrary” and that “things really do matter”. I decide that it’s because we are on tour and nothing is real like paying rent and that since there is no real life there is no basis and when you sit around all day and don’t play a show you freak out and don’t understand anything especially when someone is trying to deal with something real it is just extremely difficult to understand what’s going on. So we maybe are living a hedonistic life style? In the aesthetic realm? Kierkegaard’s Either/Or. The whole world is like what it’s like to fall in love with someone at first. All the excitement and apprehension without the pain. But without the sex too. So we went to a movie. Everyone except Jean. and mom. and Jenny. who stayed in new york with Linda. We saw a movie called Paperhouse and it was about a little girl who drew pictures and then would pass out and end up in the world of her picture. And it was bad. Bad acting. No plausibility. No logic within the movie. Kept thinking about them filming the movie rather than about the movie itself. Al and Dave seemed to like it. Robert didn’t care, he said “I fucking hate the movies” and me and Calvin and Bill didn’t like it. Then we had to drive around Washington DC looking for Cynthia Connolly and it took forever. DC is so fucking gross, American royalty. We found her. She was shy. I was disappointed she had long hair and wore sandals. I thought she would be more punk looking. We drove around the block with her in the car. I didn’t really get to talk to her.And then back to Calvin’s mom’s for dinner. We had lasagna and then everybody tried to kill me and then Calvin turned into Dracula and his arm fell off and then I was going to write my paper but then Calvin asked me to go for a walk. He asked me why I like to go on tour. I’m not sure. Bill is driving the car and turning into a monkey.

Iowa City, IA Flannery O’Connor used to live here. It’s a college town. Our show was 21 and over, but it wasn’t supposed to be. No one showed up. Calvin argued with the guy and then we left.

Lawerence, KS Played basketball and drank beer on the fire escape with Billy, it’s beautiful and peaceful here. This is near where my family is from. It feels peaceful, like the center of the world to me. It’s springtime now and warm and sad. Last night Billy called William Burroughs at 3:00 AM. He answered and told him he had to go to Kansas City today. I wonder what would have happened if he called earlier. His number is listed in the phone book. We met John and that was good. We hung around and drove and drove and drove and ran out of gas and stayed in a motel and snuck Billy in and had a fire alarm and then we drove and I didn’t wanna go home and we played in Utah.

Salt Lake City was our last show and it was weird. It is really spread out and feels like it’s in the middle of the woods. We ate at a hippy vegetarian restaurant that reminded me of Mork and Mindy. It was 1974 there and I was wearing my Hellcows shirt for all the Mormons.

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