Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enchanted Castle tour diary day one: Oct 1, 2008

touring day one.
leaving joel's grandma's house in ct. His grandma is 99 and a retired pediatrician/farmer who has more wits about her than most adults. making the two hour journey to queens and counting 18 moustaches along the way and kept record of with notches on the top flap of joel's wallet. no near accidents.
arrived at the flux factory and were met by one responsive human and a handful of others who scattered to their drywall cubby holes like a colony of domestic rats, where they hid for the duration as we played a rousing game of cherades on the rooftop overlooking manhattan. I struggle as usual with insecurity and self doubt - overcoming it momentarily before my travel buddy Ailey (a medicated anxieteer) reenforces sentiments with similar parinoia and fear.
carrots and grapes are snaks as we wait for the show to begin, and become increasingly aware that it's a wednesday and it's a lightning storm, and we're in queens, and a "yes, awesome, I'll be there" from a new yorker means diddley squat, and we'll all be too drunk to stand by the time we go on at one or two in the morning.
but we are together and it's only the beginning and at least we're not in tivoli doing and saying the same old things as always.
love, Sasha

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