Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Team Tour March 89 PT 4

We are in a tunnel in Pennsylvania.

Fast Forward. Woke up early after a night w/ Al & Mecca Normal and cats (allergic) and drove across Illinois and Indiana and Ohio and then Pennsylvania. I forgot Wisconsin. Little House in the Big Woods/ Wisconsin Death Trip Illinois, Indiana is major farm country. Superman. It was sunny there. Robert says Ohio guys are Rubes. Bill was driving “Is this where Chrissie Hynde lives?” then PA. Pittsburgh was more bricks. We drove across bridges. Bricks, I can’t even explain this. It turns out we were in a dry town outside of Pittsburgh and it was Sunday. Nothing was open. We still haven’t had pizza yet. There was a subway sandwiches. A tired gray slow bitter man was working. Calvin says “what kind of cheese do you have?” and the guy says “American.” He holds it up with a plastic glove hand and says “white American, that’s about all I can tell ya” He asked if we had any rolling papers and of course we didn’t and then he seemed even more defeated and resigned to doing his ridiculously demeaning job. But then he said “you can get as much pop as long as you want if you stay” and he said it like “take as much as you can while you can”. We played at the Sonic Temple, an old Masonic Temple. They have shows on the fourth floor, it was warm there. The Go Team drove together all day. We were pretty good. There’s a tape of it. Calvin said we had attitude. Set list: Red Headed Aunts, Broken Window, Tummy Hop, Sand, Hop on Clock, Cactus Bone Candy, Outside…fuck I don’t know but I sand Sandcastle Nightmare. And we broke a snare. Some Velvet Sidewalk were alright. Robert and Jenny were really great. They carried the drums all around the room, Robert banging on the kick drum like they were a marching band. The room was huge and they took up a lot of sonic space. Weird record store geek types. Manny. We got stuck in PA because Mecca Normal’s car broke down so our show got put to the next day.

New Hampshire. At a weird place. Some guys house in the middle of the night. It’s colonial times here, quilts and wooded slats. We played a show at a cafĂ© of some sort with Ed’s Redeeming Qualities who are the worst band in the history of the world. No sex no reality no rock-n-roll no punk rock no sadness no anxiety they are so totally normal I couldn’t even stand it totally boring totally lame. Anyhow the show went alright I suppose.

Then Boston. We played at the Rat Cellar, the first real club we played at. It felt like a pretty good show I guess. I found a Look Blue Go Purple record at the record store, still looking for the Shop Assistants. I met a guy named Mark who puts out records for Galaxie 500 Aurora and we stayed at the house of the Blake babies and briefly met Juliana but they were all studying pretty intensely I think. Then me, Calvin,Jenny and Bill drove to NYC.

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