Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go Team Tour March 89 PT 3 1/2

I found this in my tour diary in between Montana & Minnesota, I probably wrote it in North Dakota:

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: a sketch of politics and truth, prospectus ’89

mind. major frustration lack of clarity “everything is vague, nothing is ever clear” also everything totally sucks …um…questions:

+ in order for art to be political, is it really necessary for the form to be destroyed? (more later)

+why are there so few girl bands? ideas-girls are smarter than boys and not as petty. girls are shyer? girls write songs but don’t go about it in the same gung-ho way—not aggressive about marketing, don’t want people to hear them, they’re not as show off-y? don’t know how is a common excuse—‘I wouldn’t be any good at it”. in the spotlight. don’t want to be exploited, objectified, male defined. lack of drive; self-respect?

+another idea: explore the sexuality of rock-n-roll. things like, why do teenage girls like boys in bands that look like girls? the teeny bopper vs. cock rock. look at existing models, girl groups, etc. “the tease” & “the slut” and girl bands. why so much sex and does the music sacrifice it’s integrity…morality… when it’s sexualized?

+more on being male-defined and feminism. attitude. dry “women’s music” that ignores sex is not realistic and too repressive.

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Joaquin said...

I think I know where this writing is going......A white riot of your own was forthcoming back in '89...I saw you enacting these questions as performance...and I mean the performance of just walking down the street. I said in '91 "I'm not ignoring you, I'm paying you respect like if I met a Black Panther. I just want to give you room so I can hear what you have to say"...something like that and unlike a lot of what I would say back then, it was true! Thanks for posting this, it's really great and kinda hilarious.