Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enchanted Castle Oct. 8th, tour log: Let it Be in Oberlin, Pork Sandwiches in Chicago

It's the eighth day of tour and we've just done our first load of dirty undies here in chicago. the fourth and fifth of this month we spent in Oberlin eating pasta, watching point break, and composing ham bone pirate ballads at a lovely apartment with a lovely host. we played on the roof of her building, but the landlord called mid set to tell us to go back in. so much for exposing the streets of oberlin to our songsmanship. ONly five hours of driving later we arrived in Chicago and played at the K-town moonbase way out on Ogden in a studio wharehouse. A lot of people came and we sang our little hearts out. Ben Kolak built a fake campfire and made a light show using projected video (footage of Dubai)and there was grilling and brownies. Some other travellers who were touring playing folk songs on superliner trains played a few songs and then we all played eachothers songs. People danced and busted out xylophones. Zak said it was the first show where he felt like we were a real band. after the show we went to the depot on 31st street to slobber on some midnight cheeseburgers and porkchop sandwiches (my favorite thing in chicago... okay maybe a tie with tacos).
we then took a day to hide out and eat ramen noodles in becca's pilsen apartment across the street from the Thrill Jockey records office. Joel and Zak (giant balls have they) went over to the office and tried to give them a tape and invited them to the show. We had our official first brushoff as a touring band! Later we went out to see a show and then to a bar and shot some pool. In the back room of the bar a company was having one of those ice breaker parties where they play little kids games and get drunk and then talk about their jobs.
tonight we're playing at becca's apartment. maybe probably no one will come. Tomorrow we pack up again and head for Minneapolis where we have no show.

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Joaquin said...

You guys going to Thrill Jockey reminds me of me telling Slint that they needed a singer an I was that singer. I had never met them...Pajo was trying to keep from laughing...ha ha! they don't know what they're missing.