Sunday, October 5, 2008

Enchanted Castle Oct 5th, 2008, New York, West Philly, Oberlin

Our first show in new york was so much fun. the first band that played was a sort of awesome super serious 90's cover band that confused everyone. then some eukelaililililis. then an opperetta about a man with no feelings. then some more sweet acts. we went on about one thirty in the morning when people were good and drunk (including us) and messed up every song so bad that none of us could stop laughing. everyone there bought our tape.
in the morning we went out to eat at a lousy greek diner in queens and joel ate blood sausage. we packed the car (a little more efficiently each time) and drove down to brooklyn and unloaded at zak's friend charlie's woodshop studio. he had cleared out one side of the room and put black lights and pumpkins and painted "summer time scrap yard" on the wall. we went out and ate sandwiches on the beach in williamsburg and saw (surprise!) a bunch of people making independant films. all of zak and ailey's and joel's new york buddies came to the show, and all of us got to play for an hour each. we ate a chineese feast from Kum Kau.
everyone went home with their friends and I slept in the woodshop.
the next morning I went over to sarah's for breakfast and like usual it was the best breakfast ever and we laughed at sarah palin on youtube.
we got back in the car late and the traffic leaving new york was bad. and then we went on the wrong hiway for about an hour. it took us almost 4 hours to get from ny to philly.
we played a big party at a queer house in west philly and everyone was super friendly and all the other acts were awesome. we played last and then a dj played an everyone danced. we slept in the basement.
we ate a late breakfast at a cafe across the street from a farmers market with a live band and a bunch of kids playing midevil L.A.R.P. style sword and crossbow capture the flag.
we drove all day and got to oberlin where we are staying with zak and ailey's childhood friend. we went out to a bar and ate wings and beer.
today we might play just for their friend on the roof of her building, or maybe press on to chicago.

sorry I hadn't written in a few days. we don't have a computer with us. I promise to keep you updated though, and thank you for encouraging me to write.

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Joaquin said...

Kum Kau is the high end of the Chinese-Rican in the Forte Green Section...but, Chan's will always hold a special place for me...I bet the $3.50 brocolli bean curd with garlic sauce costs $6.00 now! If this is Milton Friedman's idea of fun, I want no part of it. Fake Philly Steaks will kill you just as fast as real ones...I know it's not all about food...but that's almost all it's about. the rest is the pinnacles of the willfull, inclusive, imagination feuled potency...In a 21st century 19th way. But don't worry, we can't afford to be pre-emptive, Ahmadinejad says, you gotta be crazy to fuck with us! Fish Filets!