Friday, October 3, 2008

Bratmobile/Heavens To Betsy U.S. tour June 1992 Pt. 2 Sacramento/SLC

Sacramento was a momentous show for us. We were playing with Tiger Trap who we were obsessed with. The show was at a cool triangle shaped space and there were lots of kids there including a few from Oakland/Berkeley. For me it was important because I met my future ex husband.

After the show we were packing up and I saw a cute boy on the other side of the room and I barked at him "hey, help me with my stuff." He was sort of shocked but came over. It turned out he was there with Jesse Blatz who one of the others in my group was sweet on (a future ex friend!) We all ended up going back to Rose's cool apartment. She had a pool and everyone went swimming while I talked on the phone for like an hour with Calvin. In the days before email and cell phones the phone was so crucial and we were so new to being in the tour experience we were obsessed with staying connected. But while I was on the phone I was thinking about the cute boy outside swimming. I finally got off, got my suit on and got in the pool. The next 5 hours were totally awesome. Yum Yum donuts, east bay punk stories, holding hands with big thumbs and exchanges of phone numbers. No mentions of girlfriends back in Berkeley though. We set off for Salt Lake City around 11 the next morning. We were going to drive all the way there and stat at the promoter Natalie's house. Because we were in two cars we drove at different speeds depending on who needed to pee the most. My car got there first and the house was dark. We knocked on the door and were greeted by Natalie's boyfriend. It turned out they had gotten into a fight and she had called the cops and I can't remember if she went to the hospital or to a friends house but he let us into her room and we basically waited sort of scared until the other car showed up. Now this part of the story just makes me so annoyed. We were totally conflicted because here we were on the feminist tour of our lives but we were in a house with a guy who had just beat up his girlfriend. Why didn't we just wait for the car and bail and get a hotel? Because we were cheap idiots and we didn't know better. Anyway, by the time the others arrived it was after midnight and also my 21st birthday. Happy Birthday! We got up the next day and wisely decided to go to a motel, although we crammed the 6 of us into one room being the cheap- that we were. The comedy continues as we played a bar in Salt Lake City on my 21st b-day and I didn't drink during this time at all. We had a nice dinner at a Chinese place after the H2B posse confirmed that their order was vegan, much to our chagrin ha ha. The show was with some major label rock band again Erin will have to comment on and I away with a stolen calling card to make my first call to Chris. The next day we stopped by the post office as Natalie had said there was a package waiting for us there and it was a cool present for me from Calvin. Some tapes and stuff that got us through the trip. I remember being happy to be thought of. And we continued on to Sioux City.

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Joaquin said...

In SLC the punks have it rough,even worse the feminist punks! Chinese birthday food not withstanding...I booked a Control show in SLC the next summer, it was a bummer...rock slinging in the men's room, playing with a forgotten christian Subpop band in a massive room to no-one...shades of the Metal Corpses/Looters tour...pre-STains, if you know what I mean. Yum Yum!