Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Enchanted Castle Final Leg of U. S. tour, Berserkely to Arcosanti. This shit is insane!

we have been setting fire to the roads since we dusted your ass on rt.5 headed south. At our sick berkeley show we frightened and amused the patrons of Becketts upscale irish pub on shattuck with our drunk antics and sloppy stage manner (three hours of play time!). after we played we walked home an hour to joel's brother's house. I lost my cellphone in a bush and we all took a good bath in the fountain at the traffic circle on marin ave. In the morning we watched legends of the fall which as it turns out is five or six hours long. later as our hangovers subsided we spent some qt with joel's brother who divides his time between gathering soil samples from the bay and building large foam muppet costumes. that next night we played at a queer house in oakland with two other acts. lots of crowd participation, and record tshirt sales.
we then headed to LA to stay with kathy and her dog teddy for two days. no shows, just as tourists. we sang kareoke, ate at a 1930's cafeteria with red wood trees and animatronic racoons, saw dolphins and pelecans on the beach, built a sand castle, etc.
next to vegas!!
we booked a room at the Luxor hotel (the one that looks like a giant pyramid) and hit the video poker. joel decided to win ten grand on roulette. he knew that number 27 was to be his big winner. he set 20 bucks in chips on the 27 for the first spin, but hesitated at the last moment and pulled the chips off... only to see the ball land on the 27!! then we lost more money. joel, to cope with his grief, bet higher on the video poker to meet the free drink minimum and we had to put him to bed at ten thirty. zak stayed in the room watching the history channel and monitoring joel while me and ailey went back downstairs to throw more money away. after I lost another twenty we met a couple of nice boys from colorado who wanted us to help them get into the casino club LAX. they needed girls since they didn't have the proper attire. we got in but they didn't.
I'd never been to a night club before, and now I know why. the pole dancers were pretty cheesy, and otherwise it just seemed like a lot of slimey people who couldn't dance. A big guy started rubbing up against Ailey and I punched him in the stomach. after that probably some more stuff happened, but between ailey and me we can't fill the holes in the story. I could barely stand up at the check out desk in the morning.
we drove all day to get to flagstaff, where my dad now rents a house with my step mom. they were out of town. I visited the restaurant where I worked in flag, and we crashed early.
the next day we drove to arcosanti - an architectural.. uh.. commune place where people live and make solari wind bells.
they were having a haunted hay ride and we dressed up as zombies. we made an 8 year old girl pee her pants, and two girls who worked at a funeral parlor doing embalming were afraid to get out of the truck. we played at the after party and I fell asleep early again.
this morning I woke up and walked out to the top of a mesa. then we got in the car and drove back east. stopped in flagstaff again to eat dinner with my dad, and now in santa fe we're staying with zak's pal. I think we'll be here two days and then I'm going to hop out in Amarillo TX, take a hound bus to dallas and then another bus to mexico.